OPEN Workshop17

OPEN Workshop17 is in a converted warehouse, the Watershed, at Cape Town's Waterfront. Operated by OPEN, it’s an initiative of the V&A Waterfront. Our shared vision is to create a space in which start-ups and experienced companies, profit and non-profit, big and small, can come together to talk, collaborate, experiment and innovate. By creating a space where a diverse community shares and build ideas, Workshop17 will become part of the greater eco-system that works to shape a powerful, prosperous Africa.


the space

  • Large public work park + Workshop17 Café: Work, meet and eat (healthy good food). Seating for over 80 people.
  • Large co-working area: With 120 hot desks, standing desks and dedicated seats, plus meeting areas and dedicated work areas for teams.
  • Dedicated offices: Offices and office suites (over 600 m²). Fully-furnished, serviced plus lock-up and go.
  • Shared facilities for co-workers and offices: Includes printing, lounges and kitchenette.
  • The ideas lounge: Perfect for idea generation, creative sessions and de-stressing.
  • Spaces for meetings, training, workshops, presentations and events: Fully equipped with screens/ projectors, audio, wifi, and video conferencing. Can be booked by OPEN members and external clients.
    • Meeting rooms: 4 x fully-equipped 6-seaters.
    • Board rooms: 2 x fully-equipped 16-seater.
    • Seminar rooms: 2 x fully-equipped spaces for up to 80 people cinema style. Set up as needed.
    • Large event space: Overlooking the Dry Dock, 330m² for hosting parties, launches or year-ends.

Parking available at V&A Waterfront.


Day users: Looking for a work base for a day or two? Access a hot desk and uncapped internet in our co-work space from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Community: Easy entry to the OPEN community – no need to commit to space.

Hot Desk: For the flexible worker who wants an occasional space to a daily base for teams.

Dedicated Desk: Your own desk in OPEN's co-working space. Great for teams.

Dedicated Office: Offices within OPEN’s community, for 2-50 people, with shared facilities.


Workshop 17 is an exciting hub that exists to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship for a positive social and economic change. It is now the work place of more than 240 entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals and 80 companies. Corporates, government and civil society use the space daily for meetings, teachings and events. The public drops in for informal work and meetings in the café.  The community buzz is felt every day!



Launch of Workshop17, an open collaboration, in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.