SiMODiSA is a powerful industry led initiative to address what can be done to overcome the barriers that SMEs and start-ups face. Think of: access to capital, access to markets, access to talent and the lack of supportive enabling environments, in order to catalyse supportive ecosystems where such businesses can grow and thrive.

SiMODiSA aims to catalyse entrepreneurship through public and private sector. It also facilitates networking, information & opportunity sharing as well as Thought Leadership platforms.

OPEN is SiMODiSA's official work & event space partner.



SiMODiSA has task teams linking with government to create a more supportive climate for entrepreneurs. It organises events like: Startup Thursdays, LeaderEX and Venture train. And provides tools and information resources on entrepreneurship.


BENEFITS FOR SiMODisa affiliates

SiMODiSA affiliates receive a 50% discount on our community membership: paying R350 in stead of R700 incl VAT.
This gives you:

  • Uncapped high speed internet at any of our café's, operated daily from 7:30 to 18:00.
  • 4 Space Credits which can be used to book 2 days in any co-working space or a couple of hours in one of our many meeting rooms around the country.
  • A business address, should you need one.
  • Access to our community through our online member portal my.OPEN, which has unique member events monthly, special offers from our partners and a directory of our community should you be looking to connect with like minded people.
  • 15% off any additional meeting room bookings and membership upgrade, should you wish to upgrade.

Apply here for a OPEN Membership. 


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