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Heavy Chef



It comes from the term 'never trust a skinny chef'. Heavy Chef learned some valuable lessons from this simple phrase and so we decided to register it as a company. The name stands for integrity, honesty, grit, sticktoitness and roll-up-your-sleeve-ity. It stands for action, for doing

They know that it's impossible for them to influence the major environmental factors that influence our lives. However, they also know that they can influence the sphere around all of us. Heavy Chef can make a difference to the lives that they touch directly, whether inside a business or via an entirely new initiative. 

Heavy Chef inspire our community members to break through their fears. To get off their couches. To turn off their screens. To connect with others. To become intrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. To start something.

Benefits for open members

Heavy Chef brings an impressive platform for entrepreneurs. It connects successful with starting entrepreneurs, provides events and offers inspiring content, and is a platform for sharing stories and experiences.



Heavy Chef entrepreneurs receive a 50% discount on our community membership: paying R350 in stead of R700 incl VAT.
This gives you:

  • Uncapped high speed internet at any of our café's, operated daily from 7:30 to 18:00.
  • 4 Space Credits which can be used to book 2 days in any co-working space or a couple of hours in one of our many meeting rooms around the country.
  • A business address, should you need one.
  • Access to our community through our online member portal my.OPEN, which has unique member events monthly, special offers from our partners and a directory of our community should you be looking to connect with like minded people.
  • 15% off any additional meeting room bookings and membership upgrade, should you wish to upgrade.



Social Media:

Website: www.heavychef.com